“TRANSFORMATION” as a Learning Tool in Design

Yaşar University Faculty of Architecture Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location: Antrepo 7

Yaşar University Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Studios focused on transformation with design in 2013/2014 Spring semester. Each class of students improved different approaches on this subject. Therefore the presentation comprises three sections that explore the significance and possibilities on the transformation, starting with “Transformation of Forms”. In Basic Design studio, students studied on dimentions and abstraction. Relief (3D) as a final product, was designed by converting silhouette of the city (2D). Meanwhile, second and third design studios discussed on new life into existing building. “Transformation of Space” was examined on adaptive reuse of building. On the other hand, senior students in studio focused on “Transformation in Space”. Incubation Center where the idea is transformed to the project in, was designed in this context.

By combining different design thoughts and approaches on transformation, this exhibition aims to display final products and supply opportunities for re-reading on this context.