Pack to the Future

Pack to the Future

Yaşar University Faculty of Arts and Design Department of Graphics

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location: Antrepo 7

The Packaging; which builds meaning within the community culture, defines values and life standards, shapes the definition in terms of service or the products itself; it bears the visual language of the consumption merchandises due its design and also reflecting and carrying cultural politics like sustainability, consumption habits and economical models of the market. The design process is a specialty creating its own contemporary agenda, revealed as deficit and weak without defining previous examples. Re-producing, inspired from its past, on and off redesigned from past-mainstream samples just like other social dynamics; package design also keeps a strong record of the societies past-today perception due to its efficiency level.

The project of Yaşar University Graphic Design Department students aims to interpret the ‘today’ seen from past as a future which is lost considered from the perspective of social dynamics changing all artistic and design related perception from the 20th century and reflect the food packaging designs fictionalized on a social and economical structure for 100 years from ‘today’ within the frame of much argued concepts like sustainability and genetically modified organisms.