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Diagrammatic Analysis Modernism Redux: Le Corbusier

Yale University Faculty of Architecture

November 1 – December 14

Location: Kadir Has University

Diagrammatic Analysis, taught by Peter Eisenman with Amy DeDonato at Yale School of Architecture, opens a very specific discussion on the work of Le Corbusier based on two of his
canonical theories: The Five Points of Architecture and the Four Compositions. These
texts are read through a series of buildings and specific writings as they evolved from 1914 to
1965. Using twelve selected Le Corbusier projects as precedents, each student has
developed analytic strategies – models, drawings, texts – throughout the course of a
semester that helps uncover underlying ideas in the buildings.   While much general research has been done on Le Corbusier and his career, very little critical and analytic work has been done on
specific buildings. It is hoped that the work in this course will begin to address the imbalance in the condition of architecture today between theory and practice. In this sense, the seminar will attempt to be a metonymic representation of a more general concern.