Beyond virtuality of publicity

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University (with the collaboration of TAK Kadıköy) Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location: Antrepo 7

Inter-subjectivities of reality constituting the commonground/publicity, as past, present and future is becoming virtual in memory at the “moment.” Cognitive and affective competencies in the memory confirms the commonground of publicity by imaginative operations.

Manifestation of finiteness of humankind by cognitive and affective competencies, confirms the correlation between thinking and being. Could this correlation be cut down? Mediating the imagination through commonground field of publicity; how matterialising process is cutting down the flavor and forming a content?

Double layered structure between “thinking/being” and “imagination/representation” is discussed through publicity. The exhibition will be the presentation of a workshop which seeks fragmentation effects and representational/meditating reflections will be held at the “moment” of the flow.