Where Goes the Daily: Projecting Everyday Life Practices Through the Lens of R/Evolutionary Manufacturing Systems

Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Design

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Kadir Has University Cibali Campus

Due to the current material culture, developed through the notion of obsolescence, people are moving towards considering everything a throw-away item, considering all consumer goods and human values to be disposable. The current unsustainable material culture that is rooting for the new and shiny resulting in product obsolescence and individual dissatisfaction, has to be challenged in the process of sustainable development. This individual dissatisfaction is now being addressed with the insufficient ways of manufacturing, like mass-customization. ‘Value-chain operations’ spreading on a global scale are resulting in the rise of ‘design-only manufacturers’ over the past decade investing more and more in product development and leaving physical production to others. The advancements in manufacturing technologies are now transforming into domestication of manufacturing through the use of open source databases, 3D printing capabilities, DIY guidelines, and self-assembling products. On the other hand, through these advancements in manufacturing technologies, the everyday is on the verge of transformation yet again as the domestication of manufacturing is now penetrating through.