Unit 1_3_Karolina Petryniak

Future Perspectives

Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Fine Arts and Design Department of Architecture

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location: Antrepo 7

This exhibition displays 9 graduation projects of IEU Department of Architecture submitted in June 2014. The exhibition shows the approaches of 3 different units operating within the graduation studio, with 3 projects from each unit. These units have different focuses dealing with the current challenges of spatial production. Unit 1 focuses on contextual design and proposing a future based on the current challenges and socio-spatial considerations of the given site, Unit 2 is based on future scenarios and aims to design a building in İnciraltı area of Izmir in the year 2054 and Unit 3 exercises a design methodology based on contemporary computational technologies. The exhibition’s aim is to illustrate the possibilities of alternative futures. Hence, the overall exhibition argues that future may not be as “futuristic” as we thought.