Design by – For Alternative Energy

Istanbul Techical University Faculty of Architecture Department of Industrial Project Design

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location:Antrepo 7

ITU Rectorate Art Gallery

The Graduation Project of ITU Department of Industrial Product Design for 2013-2014 Spring term has been defined as Design By/For Alternative Energy. Within increased concern with sustainability and at a time alternative energy-related approaches are needed, the perspectives that graduate candidates develop on the subject were considered important.

Students choosing an alternative form of energy to be used in the design process as an input or an output created their own project brief. The project scope is not limited to product design; system, service, interaction, experience and such concepts are handled in contexts created by the students themselves. Briefly, the students have created their own design brief; have developed a project on alternative energy.

Solar energy, human movement energy, water power energy, bio-energy and sound energy are among the types of energy involved in the projects. In order to change the dark picture of the future about the depleted resources, the main concern of the students projecting on the use of hidden and clean energy sources of the daily life that go unnoticed and not given enough importance clean energy sources is to inform and make people aware of the energy issues. Students considered the whole process as a part of a social responsibility project, respecting the needs of users on the one hand, and creating awareness of nature on the other hand.