Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture Urban and Regional Planning Urban Design Working Group

November 20 – 25, 2014

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location:Antrepo 7

Offcuts is a workshop for any kind of designer and design student to be encouraged and be inspired from material, process and design towards a zero waste system. We aim to show a way at looking at sustainability in terms of systems. We aim for “offcuts” from existing production methods to be the main inspiration in creating a new design. Off Cuts is a little window of how designers will think in the future as we have become a world wide culture who produces more trash than goods.

In the Offcuts workshop we aim to show the participants how process works as we think any designer should be completely aware of every detail of the manufacturing. Since Istanbul is rich with many crafts and industries the workshop will extend to some self-motivated excursions where the participants will see production first hand and see what waste is produced in each kind of production point. And from this, they will design and re-design, while carefully considering the offcuts created. There will be no limitation in terms of material or process the participants can choose. The results will be exhibited during the time of the Biennial.