Rethinking the City

Istanbul Kültür University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture

November 1 – December 14 (Closed on weekends)

İstanbul Kültür University Bakırköy Campus

In the 21st century, half of the world’s population and 90% of the population in Western countries live in cities. Particularly with globalization, cities have become centers of attraction, due to the opportunities they offer. However, deficiency of housing reserves, problems in transportation, air pollution, consumption of natural resources, scarcity of green areas, inequalities in urban use, spatial segregation of different income groups and social clashes, tensions arising from the co-existence of various cultures, etc. have transformed cities, which are seen as a potentiality, simultaneously into a problem.

It looks like the future of cities will be determined by these problems. It is not enough to deal with these problems in a technical manner and solve them with a mechanical viewpoint. We need to reimagine the city and rediscover the rules for co-existence and its spatial setup.

The participants are expected to look at contemporary cities and develop a vision for the future. In this context, a general image of the future of globalized cities can be developed or a proposal for Istanbul or a part of Istanbul can be presented. These proposals can be solution oriented or can be about exposing the city’s potential resources and suggesting a new way of life.