Seza_soylucicek_Sunum gorseli

Future; In the Query of our Dreams

Hacettepe University Faculty of Fine Arts Department of Graphics

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location: Antrepo 7

Dreams, are differ from person to person, even sometimes shaped with experiences, one could not live with but feed from what they hoped, or even abstract imaginative fictions far from the truth. Designers want to live according to their hopes in the future and therefore want to build the future with their imaginations. Proceeding from this point, A future scenario has been created with pushing the boundaries of science and imagination on designs. Today, several organizations are conducting ‘think tank’ fictional scenarios to discuss the possibility of all kinds of the future in their creative teams. This approach is the basis of the projects we intend to perform. Therefore, in this exhibition, which consists of a well-attended designers are expected to form their futures with using their creative imagination while using 2D and 3D visual design mediums such as; animation, video, design , installation, projection mapping , simulation, interactive design , new media design, storyboarding accompanied by sound, light, music and movement are presented to the audience .

Hacettepe University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphic Design, seeks to evaluate the history of humanity and look at the mess of the world in which they live to design the future around the concept “The Future is in the query of our dreams”.