Emine Gürüz1

Exhibition Of Experimental Designs

Gazi University Faculty of Arts and Design Department of Fashion Design

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location: Antrepo 7

Fashion is a concept that feeds off design. Design, however, can be described as the result of preferences that come together after trying out different perspectives and ideas. This

This exhibition displays experimental designs that aim to shed a few rays of light on future designs. Applied results obtained from different levels of design training will be exhibited with a perspective impacted by fashion: texture-surface-product. Whatever the method used for the designs that are displayed, the first goal is to materialize ideas that “Make a Difference”.

From developing ideas to applying them, every stage of this project unconditionally involves designs that “Make a Difference”. The creations of Gazi University, Art and Design Faculty, Fashion Design Department’s bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree students and instructors were designed by using experimental methods based on elements such as surfaces, fabrics, textures and forms that compose clothes and accessories that will “Make a Difference” in fashion design. The exhibition will display both three dimensional clothing designs and the prototypes or unit patterns of texture and surface designs that have been created.

This exhibition is hoped to help students and designers, who are on various levels and who study fashion design, gain a new perspective. The exhibition also aims to increase and develop positive opinions towards design and designers by emphasizing to people, who do and do not play a role in the sector, how important the concept of design is to “Make a Difference”.