Urban Manifestos

Bahçeşehir University Faculty of Communication Communication Design Department

November 1 – December 14, 2014

Location:Antrepo 7

Students taking VCD1115 and VCD1116 Basic Design I & II studio courses at Bahcesehir University, Faculty of Communication, Communication Design Department, examined Istanbul, the city that they live in, through basic design principles for an entire year. Within the framework of the project; students shared different visual perceptions of the city as a social, personal, ideological, artistic, virtual, spiritual and utopian space and made warnings about the future of the city through their own manifestos of it. They created awareness of the hidden aspects of the city, as a place where emotional, political and personal collisions happen and everyday problems are emphasized. Students benefited from their own experience and observations while working on the concept of the Project, designed the city as a three dimensional object in a specified medium from their own recollections. Different manifestos questioning the city’s experience transformed into three-dimensional design objects through works that are using many different materials.